New Activities for Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day 2022 is the perfect holiday to rent Giant Games. Especially our cornhole boards! Our yard games are the perfect accompaniment to any fun in the sun. They will keep your guests entertained for hours, or at least until the hotdogs are ready.

Traditional Memorial Day Activities

When Memorial Day comes to mind, you think of barbeque grilling and events in your backyard. All families have different traditions for this day, and they look forward to them every year. The traditional route includes warming up by the pool or having a backyard barbeque.

While many families choose to continue their traditions, many want to form new ones. We all know how popular backyard games can be, but have you heard of giant backyard games?

Enhance Your Memorial Day with Backyard Games

Cornhole Board

Ever played giant cornhole? Staring at those cornhole boards can be addicting because of how fun they are. Games like cornhole and giant jenga will spice up your Memorial Day celebration.

Most families already celebrate in their backyard, and sometimes they even include games. But, the games are almost never as fun as giant beer pong or giant jenga. Giant games are the future of parties and events, so you should hop on the wave before you’re too late!

Giant games will keep your family and friends entertained all afternoon long. Giant games are a rare gem at parties, but they’re always the best part of the event. If you get giant games at your memorial day weekend, you’ll leave all your guests impressed.

Ready to take the next step in enhancing your memorial day celebration?

Your Memorial Day 2022 will be memorable if you include Giant Games in your celebration. Picture yourself staring at cornhole boards all afternoon long with your family. Sounds fun, right?

Rent Giant Games in San Antonio has many giant games for you to choose from for Memorial Day 2022. Request a quote to be one step closer to having Rent Giant Games at your Memorial Day 2022 celebration!