Back to school 2022 bash

We all know recess is the best part of school! So, before the kids dive into their books for the school year, throw your own backyard bash! Make going back to school in 2022 unforgettable with fun activities like our Jenga yard game.

Back to school 2022 party ideas

Besides the variety of games that we have to offer, there are a few other aspects you can add to your back to school bash. Go big with the themes, decorations, crafts and activities!

Some theme ideas might include the circus, animal kingdom, the beach or dinosaur dig! There are so many activities to choose from that fit these themes, like ring toss or digging for fossils. Also, remember to encourage your guests to play the part and dress in costume based on your chosen theme!

Don’t leave the adults out! Provide some activities for your fellow parents as well. One heart warming idea for parents to work on might include making a surprise to leave in your child’s backpack.

Writing sweet notes on the back of family photos could be a sweet surprise to leave in your child’s bag. Parents may laminate the photo then attach it to a key ring. Next, secure it to their child’s backpack to ensure it will always be with them!

Of course, the only thing that could improve your back to school 2022 bash are the variety of fun games offered by Rent giant Games.

Make your back to school bash better with backyard games

Rent Giant Games has a wide ranging selection of games that offers fun for the entire family. We have games for the kids, seniors and everyone between!

If you’re looking for a game for the kiddos, our Connect 4 game is a great option. Our giant Beer Pong is great for the older individuals, but don’t forget our Jenga yard game suited for all ages!

Build the best back to school 2022 bash

So, if you’re looking to have the best back to school bash of 2022, look no further than Rent Giant Games. Click here to inquire about booking Rent Giant Games to ensure you have the best school bash of the year!