What’s Better Than Beer For St. Patrick’s Day?

What’s better than beer on St. Patrick’s Day? Giant Beer Pong! This month, we discuss fun St. Patrick’s day games & how to enhance any party for St. Patrick’s Day.

Have a Better Party for St. Patrick’s Day

You’re throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party with family and friends, and while you’ve got the snacks and beer covered. We got you with fun game ideas to complete the party. These are perfect for all ages. 

Lucky Charm Game

Supplies needed:

-Two empty 2-liter bottles

-Lucky Charms Cereal or a bag of these Lucky Charm marshmallows too.



Fill a 2-liter bottle with Lucky Charms Cereal (or get the bag of Lucky Charm marshmallows and just use the marshmallows) then tape the filled bottle to another empty 2-liter bottle.

How to Play:

Make sure all of the Lucky Charms are in one of the bottles. Give the taped together bottles to the player and when you say go, they must shake shake shake the bottle to get all of the Lucky Charms to the other bottle.

The First person to get all of the Lucky Charms from one bottle to the other wins!

There are different versions to play this game.

First Verison: Man Vs. Clock St. Patrick’s Day Game

One player must get all the lucky charms from one bottle into the other in a minute. If they succeed they receive a prize, if they don’t then a new player has a chance to play.

Second Version: Head To Head St. Patrick’s Day Games

Two players will go head to head against each other. For example, you would give each person a bottle and see who can get the Lucky Charms from one bottle to the other first. The first person to finish wins. 

Third Version: Team Competition

You will split everyone into teams, depending on how many guests you have you can do as many teams as you’d like. For each game, teams must choose one player to compete head to head in the game with the other teams. Each team will be given a bottle and the first team to finish will receive 10 points, the second team will receive 5, etc.

This version works best if you have more people and it gives everyone a chance to be involved. 

Another fun St. Patrick’s themed game is called “Feeling Lucky”

Supplies needed:

-Lucky Charms

-Large bowl

-Plastic spoon


Fill a large bowl with Lucky Charms and place it on a table. Place a cup full of spoons nearby.

How to Play:

Players have to take a spoon and race to find one of each of the different Lucky Charms by using the spoon in their mouth.

The first player to find one of each wins.

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Games

Our Giant Beer Pong is the perfect game for your St. Patrick’s Day Party! It definitely compliments the holiday. With this life-sized version of the classic game of beer pong, you will receive twenty 44-gallon red cans along with two volleyballs.

Two People enjoying beer while playing Giant Beer Pong from Rent Giant Games for St. Patrick's Day.
Giant Beer Pong for St. Patrick’s Day

How to Play:

Once the cans are set up with ten on each side, you’re ready to play the game! The game is played with the same rules as classic beer pong. Split into teams of two and stand behind the cans.

Take turns attempting to throw the volleyballs into the can. Once the player has thrown a volleyball into the can, that can will be set to the side and the teams will continue playing until all the cans for one of the teams have been removed. 

The winning team is determined by who is able to remove all the cans from the other. We hope by now you have some ideas of how to liven up the party for St. Patrick’s Day party. If interested in renting either our giant beer pong or any other games we offer for this St Patricks Day then click here to request a quote. We will get back to you shortly.