Staycations are the Way to Go!

Imagine a vacation where you can avoid traveling, unnecessary expenditures, and flocks of people. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well, that is possible when you opt for a relaxing Staycation!

Between the heat and the gas prices, we here at Rent Giant Games think that everyone could use a little backyard staycation this summer. Creating a vacation in the comfort of your own home or hometown is a quick and easy way to wind down. When the heat gets you down, a staycation is here to cool you off.

Backyard Staycation Ideas

If you’re feeling stumped about where to begin, not to worry, we have some ideas up our sleeve. Firstly, camping is a classic Summer activity. If you aren’t close to a campsite, that’s okay. You can camp in your backyard. It’s an affordable opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Prepare your best ghost stories and don’t forget to bring smores!
Secondly, an outdoor movie night is a great way to soak in a Summer night. All you need is a projector and a white sheet. You can have a Harry Potter or a 2023 Oscar Nominations marathon! The possibilities are endless. You can even combine both ideas to have a camping movie night extravaganza with your friends and family!

backyard staycation this summer.

Enhance Your Staycation

Let’s say that you’ve planned your camping/movie night extravaganza, but you think that it needs a little more. Are the small board games not cutting it? How about a iant jenga or Connect 4 game to spice up your night? At Rent Giant Games, we provide giant games for any occasion. At Rent Giant Games, we provide outdoor lawn games for any occasion. Who wouldn’t love competing with your family members while you watch your favorite movie?

Spend your Summer Night Right

Rent Giant Games is the perfect addition to your backyard staycation in San Antonio. You don’t have to travel to have some fun!

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