Fall in Love With The Perfect Activities with Giant Games in San Antonio

The cooler weather has finally arrived in San Antonio which means it’s time for fall festival activities! Take a look at our October blog for some fun fall festival game ideas to go along with our giant games. 

Fall for Fall Festival Activities 

Fall is the perfect time to go outside and play without melting. Many love the fall because of football, fall festivals, and anything with pumpkin spice. The fall weather is crisp and perfect to go outside with your family and friends. Then the question is “what is the perfect fall activity?” We have the perfect solution to the best fall activities. Our giant games. 

Yard Games for Parties

Look no further, Rent Giant Games has you covered with the perfect games for any fall festival event. Whether it’s a fall baby shower, birthday, or even a bridal party, we got you covered. One popular fall festival game idea is renting our Ladder toss for your next event. It’s the perfect activity to get the entire family outside and having fun. Ladder toss is played by throwing two balls linked with a string onto a ladder. Another popular fall festival game is Giant Connect 4. It’s a childhood classic that will never go wrong. Connect 4 is played by taking turns dropping large discs into the frame to try and connect four in a line, while stopping your opponent from doing the same. With Rent Giant Games you are guaranteed to have the best fall festival activities.

ladder toss for fall festivals

Before it’s too late, Contact Us! 

The leaves are starting to change color, before they all fall make sure and contact us to request a quote to get started. Our games are enjoyed by all ages and are perfect for any occasion. We serve surrounding San Antonio areas. Be sure to contact us, so we can help you have a perfect event.