Looking for Love & Large Games


This month, we’re tackling some fun Valentine’s Day children’s party ideas & how renting large games can take your party to the next level! 

In a Valentine’s Day Party Planning Rut?

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day crafts can be messy and it’s a struggle to think of other children’s party ideas. One fun STEM-related activity is building marshmallow structures out of toothpicks. While this is a fun and edible creation that you can do with your child that doesn’t end up in a glittery mess on the floor, it still will not entertain them for the whole day.

Heart-shaped confetti and glitter is still found when Memorial Day rolls around. Plus, we’re sure you already have an explosion of crafts from your kiddos covering your fridge. There’s no problem with that, but your fridge called and said it can’t take it anymore. So, we have some good news!

We have some mess-free and fun packed games to take your Valentine’s Day party to the next level.

rent large games like Giant Jenga at Rent Giant Games
rent large games like Giant Jenga at Rent Giant Games

Show the Love to Your Kids and Rent Large Games

We know all kids aren’t the same, and they all like different things! We have a variety of large games that are sure to attract any kid’s attention. These are the games we have for rent:

  • Giant Connect Four
  • Corn Hole
  • Giant Jenga
  • Ladder Toss

Since we are in Texas, the chances of it being warm enough to be outside for Valentine’s Day aren’t impossible! Yet, in the case that it is too cold to be playing games outside, we have game options like Giant Connect Four and Giant Jenga that can be played inside. 


When you rent large games it’s a love match for you, your family, and your family friends! We want your Valentine’s Day party to be special for your kids and hassle-free for you. Contact us today to request a quote to get started. We’d LOVE to help!