A Fun Game to Liven Up Your Next Corporate Party

Looking for some fun corporate party ideas for your next team event? Look no further than our Ladder Toss game for some quality team building.

Ladder Toss Game at a corporate party event
Ladder Toss Game at a corporate party event

Corporate Party Ideas to Guarantee a Bond Between Your Team

Having a team that knows one another and gets along is necessary. But, we’ve all been there–the awkward work parties and gatherings. They’re guaranteed to include:

  • Small talk about work and the weather
  • A cheese and fruit platter–maybe some dry cake if you’re lucky
  • Overused team bonding activities that everyone is ‘strongly encouraged’ to take part in

Well, we’re here to help you avoid that at all costs with some of our fun-filled corporate party ideas!

Allow Us to Introduce You to The Ladder Toss Game

The Ladder Toss game is a social yard game that guarantees teamwork. It comes with a competitive edge sure to liven up a work gathering. 

The Setup Is Easy!

You bring the players (two or four), and we bring the setup.

  • A ladder set of two 3-bar ladders connected by a string
  • Two sets of bolas (3 in each)-two balls connected by a string

Spread the ladders apart until the string has tension and they are across from one another. If you have a limited space, or need to start closer, feel free to move the ladders closer together.

How to Play

The object of the game is to wrap the bolas around the steps of the ladder. The ladder has 3 steps, a top, middle and a bottom step.

  • The top step is worth 3 points
  • The middle step is worth 2 points
  • The bottom step is worth 1 point

The game will continue until a team or player reaches a score of 21. If you are playing with two people, each person will stand by one ladder and toss from there. If you are playing 2 v 2 with four people, teammates will stand across from one another.

How to Win

At the end of each round, you will count up the points for each player using the point system for each step listed above. The great debate amongst ladder ball players is whether the game ends when you exceed 21, or if the players must reach a score of exactly 21. 

The great news, it is whatever your preference is! If you choose to play to a score of exactly 21, a player who exceeds that in their turn will receive no points for their team in that round.  


We admire your efforts and wish you the best in your journey to bond your team. Let us help create a corporate work party that is bound to go down in the books as the greatest of all time. Contact us today to request a quote to get started!