Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Make Your Reception Stand Out

Looking for a way to spice up your wedding without all the extra hassle? In our April blog, we provide all the non-traditional wedding reception entertainment ideas, so you and your party guests can have all the fun.

Form a deeper connection with Connect Four.

Rent Giant Games makes bringing fun to any party as easy as possible. Whether your guests are full-grown adults, or still a kid at heart, our giant games can bring a giant amount of fun to your wedding reception. Our Giant Connect Four is a great way to connect with others and get some friendly competition going. (no pun intended)

In sickness, in health, and in Giant Jenga.

Our Giant Jenga is the perfect way to bring your guests together. This is a great way to get everyone excited and ready to celebrate the wedded pair. As you take a step into your new forever, there is no better way to revisit the past by coming together over an iconic childhood game. 

Giant Connect Four & Giant Jenga as wedding reception entertainment ideas
Giant Connect Four & Giant Jenga as wedding reception entertainment ideas.

Take a toss into the future with Ladder Toss.

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the beautiful starry Texas nights and have your reception outside, then our ladder toss game is the perfect wedding reception entertainment idea to add to your big day. If you are unfamiliar, the game consists of two three-tier ladders, two teams, and some balls connected by strings. The goal of the game is to throw the balls and get them to wrap around one of the tiers on the ladder, the higher the better. 

Ready to say “I DO” to Rent Giant Games?

We understand and recognize how much work and effort is put into making the whole day as perfect as possible. We focus on the set-up so you can focus on making memories that will last you a lifetime. Rent Giant Games is proud to serve San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. Request a quote here to get started. 

Most importantly, congratulations!