Memorial Day Parties

Memorial Day parties go hand in hand with giant yard games! Take a look at our May blog for some inspiration for your Memorial Day get-together.

Have a blast with these Giant games for your Memorial Day parties.

Summer is right around the corner, and Memorial Day is in full effect. Hosting parties can be stressful, whether you’re thinking about what food to make or even what entertainment you should have. But that is no excuse for not throwing the ultimate Memorial Day party. Rent Giant Games has the perfect giant yard games for your Memorial Day parties.

Giant Jenga for Memorial Day Parties
Giant Jenga for Memorial Day Parties

Giant Yard Games

Looking to spend your Memorial Day party outside in the beautiful summer weather? We have the best giant yard games that will entertain your guests all night; they won’t even want to leave your home. We have a wide variety of games for your Memorial Day parties that will be great for all ages, even adults.

 Giant Jenga: Everyone loves regular Jenga, but imagine having a giant Jenga at your memorial party. Jenga is the best game where multiple people can play at once. The goal of the game is to stack the blocks as high as possible without knocking them over.

 Giant Connect Four: Your little ones will love the giant Connect Four. Connect Four plays up to four people for a friendly competition to see who can connect four discs in a row.

 Giant Beer Pong: Our giant beer pong will have all our adults competing with each other. Six giant cups will be set up in a triangle, and the goal is to make the ball go into your opponent’s cup. Whoever makes all six cups first wins the game.

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