Let Dad Feel Like A Kid Again

Don’t let Dad be the only one that has a fun Father’s Day! Check out our June blog for ideas on activities to do with Dad this year.

Dads Day Off: Game On

Father’s Day is the one day a year all dads can take a break and relax or NOT… So take advantage of this beautiful and HOT San Antonio summer with a head to head game with your dad. From playing pool volleyball, going to a baseball game, or yard games, it’s game on. Don’t let this Father’s Day be another day full of the same boring gifts. Instead let it be a day of fun, competition, and games with Rent Giant Games. So get active and play some games with your favorite dad! 

Beer Pong & Cornhole set up in a lobby for a fun Fathers Day party.
Beer Pong & Cornhole set up in a lobby for a fun Fathers Day party.

Did Someone Say Beer Pong Champ?

We all know our dad was once a beer pong champ back in the day! So why not let him take a step back in time? With Rent Giant Games we offer Giant Beer Pong that will do just that. No matter if your dad is a beer drinker or not Giant Beer Pong is the perfect family game. From beer to fruit punch your dad is bound to be the champ. So this Father’s Day let your dad’s champion dreams come true with Giant Beer Pong from Rent Giant Games. 

Press Start On Father’s Day Fun!

So, when planning your fun Father’s Day make sure to remember it’s all about dad! If he wants to barbecue, make it happen. And if he wants to play games, WE can make it happen! Rent Giant Games is here to help your family make your dad’s day extra special. Let us handle the setup and takedown, so you can focus on the fun and games! Plus we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Click here to book with Rent Giant Games and give your dad the best Father’s Day imaginable!