Schools Out! Check Out Our Summer Activities For Kids

Huzzah! It’s summer, and schools are out! While your children may not be thrilled about their schedule clearing up, the break is great if you’re looking to have some family fun. Here are some of our favorite family-friendly summer activities for kids.

Giant Connect Four on a lawn for summer activities for kids
Giant Connect Four on a lawn for summer activities for kids

Make summer fun and GIANT

Summertime is super exciting for your little ones but can be stressful for adults. Ensuring your kids are having fun as well as staying busy can be a difficult situation. Rent Gaint Games is the perfect outdoor activity. We have the best Giant games for all your family fun this summer.

Ready to have fun

No need to look any further; Rent Giant Games is here to save the day! We have the best Gaint Games; no one is going to want to leave your house!

  •  Giant Jenga. Gather all the blocks and stack them up like a tower. Each player will take turns removing a block and stacking it on top. The higher the tower, the more difficult the game gets.
  • Giant Connect Four. This game requires two players. Each player will have a designated color disc. The point of the game is to block your opponent’s discs and connect four.
  • Corn Hole. Two players will be tossing bean bags onto a raised platform. If a bean bag goes straight into the whole that is 3 points. If the bean bag lands on the platform that’s 1 point. Whichever player gets to 21 points the game comes to an end.

Don’t worry parents we also have great games for you! Giant Beer Pong is a great outdoor game for all your family fun. Six giant cans will be set up in a triangle form on each side. Each team will be behind the cans and the purpose of the game is to make the ball in the can! Once a ball goes into the can, the can will be out. The team that knocks out all the opponent’s cans Wins!

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Don’t wait till summer ends, Contact us to get the best quote. Our Giant Games are perfect for all ages and great for summertime!