Description of giant beer pong

Make your next event a unique one with a life sized version of the classic game beer pong! When you rent this game, you will receive twenty 44 gallon, red cans along with two volleyballs. We recommend you have at least 20-25 feet available at your event to set up the Beer Pong.

how to play

Once the cans are set up with ten on each side, you’re ready to play the game! The game is played with the same rules as classic Beer Pong. Split into teams of two and stand behind the cans. Take turns attempting to throw the volleyballs into the can. Once a player has thrown a volleyball into a can, that can will be set to the side and the teams will continue playing until all the cans for one of the teams have been removed. The winning team is determined by who is able to remove all the cans from the other.