Spring has Sprung in San Antonio

With spring rolling around the corner, lots of people in the Alamo City will be looking for San Antonio game rental for their spring celebration. No party is complete without fun games and activities. Nowadays there’s so much emphasis on technology and electronics that sometimes we forget about the classics.

These five GIANT classic games are sure to take your spring celebration to the next level.

San Antonio Game Rental with ladder toss, cornhole, and giant beer pong.
San Antonio Game Rental with ladder toss, cornhole, and giant beer pong.

Giant Jenga

This Hasbro game has been around for almost five decades. And with good reason, it’s a blast. Now increase the size of the pieces and you increase the fun! Stack ’em up, pull ’em out, and test your skills!

Giant Connect Four

Another Hasbro classic that has been providing fun to people of all ages. Outwit your friends and family by connecting four dots in a row before they can. It’s better than tic-tac-toe, it’s Connect Four

Ladder Toss

Once called, “ball and ladder game” this classic game hasn’t been around as long as Connect Four or Jenga. But it is a new regular among outdoor games.


This game is so popular it has its own governing body. Cornhole has even aired on ESPN. Don’t worry, no need to be a pro to have fun playing.

Giant Beer Pong

Great for all ages. Don’t let the name fool you. No beer necessary to play Giant Beer Pong, but it is GIANT.

Each game has an official set of rules to play by. But we say, HOUSE RULES! If you and your guests are having a great time, then how can it be wrong?


Have a Barbeque. You are in Texas, darn-it! Fire up the pit and throw some meat on there. Whether in your own backyard, or at one of the many beautiful parks the Alamo City has to offer, these San Antonio game rentals will provide fun and entertainment for your spring celebration.

Businesses: Show your employees some appreciation and get them out of the office. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Schools: Have a field day. Get the kids up and running and playing. Afterall, isn’t playing the highest form or learning? Someone smart once said something like that. (Einstein)

Whatever you decide to do for your spring celebration, think of Rent Giant Games for your San Antonio game rentals.