Giant Games for your Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Arriba, arriba! It’s Cinco de Mayo time, and that calls for an unforgettable fiesta! What better way to spice up your celebration than with some fantastic games that’ll have everyone shouting “¡olé!”? Let’s dive into the world of fun and games, Cinco de Mayo style!

Giant Beer Pong

Let’s kick off the list with a game that’s sure to be a hit at your Cinco de Mayo bash – Giant Beer Pong! It’s the classic game we all know and love, but with a larger-than-life twist. Picture this: oversized red solo cups, a giant inflatable ball, and a whole lot of laughter as your guests aim for the perfect shot. Whether you’re playing outdoors or indoors, Giant Beer Pong is a sure winner for any Cinco de Mayo gathering. And the best part? You can easily score a Giant Beer Pong rental to make your party truly epic!

Beer Pong for Cinco De Mayo
Beer Pong for Cinco De Mayo


Looking to embrace some Mexican culture at your soiree? Why not set up a game of Lotería, the traditional Mexican bingo game? With its colorful cards featuring iconic images like La Dama (the lady) and El Catrín (the gentleman), Lotería will add a touch of authenticity and fun to your celebrations. You can even whip up some fabulous prizes for the winners to keep the competitive spirit going strong!

Piñata Palooza

No fiesta is complete without a piñata bursting with sweet treats and goodies! Get your hands on a vibrant, eye-catching piñata and watch as the excitement reaches a fever pitch. Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, taking a swing at the piñata is a treasured tradition that spells pure joy and merriment.

Mariachi Musical Chairs

Want to infuse your party with the zest of Mexican music? Why not play a round of Mariachi Musical Chairs? Set the tone with some festive mariachi tunes and watch as your guests dance and twirl around chairs, vying for a seat when the music stops. It’s a lively game that’ll get everyone tapping their feet and laughing with delight!

So, there you have it – a roundup of thrilling games to amp up your Cinco de Mayo fiesta! Whether you’re aiming for a touch of tradition or a twist on the classics, these games are sure to spark joy and create unforgettable memories. Remember, with our Giant Beer Pong rental and a sprinkle of creativity, your celebration will be the talk of the town! Let the games begin, and let the good times roll!

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